Why You Should Write a Journal

Many adults who keep a journal nowadays have carried on this hobby from their childhood realizing the positive nature associated with the habit.

Why You Should Write a Journal

People not keeping a journal are oblivious to the immense benefits of journaling which may make their life much easier. If you are one of those people, then it is not too late to pick a pen and writing down what goes through your mind.

Emotional relief

Journals are a very personal hobby and writing in one means that you have a friend to tell your worries to without being judged. It acts as a stress-management and a self-improvement mechanism whereby you can become a better person by replaying different scenarios that happened and what could have been done. Perhaps you are going through an emotional dilemma and have no one to talk to then you can use your new hobby of journal writing and express yourself on the paper. Lashing out like this would help to ease your mind and give your thinking the much-needed clarity you want. The process would also make it clear to you about who was affected by your actions and what you could do to rectify your actions.

Achieving Goals

Additionally, journals act as a mechanism to channel your ambitions to achieve your goals. This may sound a bit fantastical but when writing your ideas, you may find the clarity to realize what you want from your life. Having them written down like this will affirm the ideas in your mind making you working harder to actualize those goals. In a way, the journal also becomes your support system in the hustle to achieve your dreams.

Physical health and memory boost

Along with its mental support journals are proved to boost your physical health as well. Managing your stress through the journal can help you achieve regular sleep patterns which can then help in boosting your immune system. These physical benefits cannot be ignored in times like quarantine where physical activities are limited. Along with these health benefits it proves to improve your memory as it has a cognitive effect when you are writing down your events. As your mind must go through recalling an event once it doesn’t have to struggle a lot when it must recall it the second time. This action resembles the memory cache in modern-day computers.

Convenient Hobby

This hobby is also very inexpensive and easy to uphold making it the ideal hobby to fit your tight schedule. The writing can take place at any time of the day making your job of inputting data tireless. The journal can always be on you so that you can jot down any thoughts you want to as it is quite portable. It is not possible to stay away from journaling even after knowing all these benefits. The mental and physical benefits combined with the tireless routine can make for a productive hobby that is going to make you learn more about yourself than a person can ever tell you.

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