It doesn’t matter if you call it a journal or a diary, but writing in general about how you feel, how your day has been, penning down some beautiful memories that make you happy, or anything in general, can help you feel and teach a lot about yourself. Some people write a diary to express their anger about certain situations. When you express your anger, you take the first step towards healing. Plus, writing can help you become creative too.

Why Write Diary

Still unsure about the benefits of why write a diary?

Because you will know yourself better

When we write down about our day to day life in general or use the diary to express our emotions, we get to learn from our own experiences. We try to reason with ourselves, why did we do certain things in life. Sometimes, we question ourselves and try to answer them; this way, we channel our inner thoughts and try to voice our internal reasoning. Even if you are unsure, your words display that to you clearly. While writing about an unfortunate incident, we try to analyze why in the first place, it happened. It is essential to know oneself, and when you write a diary, you start to understand yourself better.

Because you want to express yourself

Diary is extremely useful for those who often struggle to express themselves verbally. Teenage years are often loaded with joy and tornadoes. If you ever come across a child’s or a teenager’s diary, you will see that the child’s diary usually has lovely flowers and butterflies drawn right in the center. When it comes to a teenager’s diary, they express their frustration by drawing images like a tornado, lightning, an upset face, and more. Even these tiny little things help them overcome some part of their pain.

For parents, who can see their teens struggling to say things to them directly, they can encourage them to use a diary and give a voice to their thoughts. Indeed, they have friends, but sometimes we don’t feel like sharing our feelings with anyone. This is when a diary can help. Expressing means you are letting out your emotions. And the more you write, and let out your feelings, the faster you will heal.

Because you want to feel better

Like we said in the previous point, not everyone feels like sharing their thoughts and feelings with someone. Because there could be certain things which you might not want to share thinking that you might be judged or people might act differently, you try to figure out a way to let it out. When you keep your feelings, especially anger and sadness within you, you start to struggle. This is why write a diary. Learn something new about yourself every day as you write down small little things about yourself. Write about your happy memories about your day to day life, something that you have been keeping to yourself. Your diary is yours, and it is your best friend, talk to your best friend.