What to write for your personal journal

To think a lot - about plans, ideas, goals, emotions, people, daily chores - is human nature. Most of the time we fail to recall these thoughts because they tend to strike us in the most random places and at very unusual hours. However, if we penned these thoughts it would not only help us become organized, connect us with ourselves, become more productive - but also recall them. One way to do this is by keeping a personal journal. Here are some of the things one can write about in their personal journal:

Write about your day

Be it a school-going teenager or a 90-year-old grandfather, every day has something new to offer. These experiences, if documented, allow one to look back at them in the future and relive them. A personal journal allows us to make such documentations while keeping them protected from other people. You can write about anything, whether it is specific or random. For example, you can write about the people you meet, the events you attend, awkward interactions, funny moments, relationships and much more. You can also write about your thoughts and even rant about something you cannot discuss with others.

Make a list

Most people struggle with getting things done on time. If you are one of those people and want to become more organized, a personal journal can help you. Making a precise, orderly to-do list for the day can allow you to get tasks completed quickly and effectively. You can make a list of books you want to read, a list of movies you want to watch or a list of things you want to do during summer. Making a list keeps you in line with your goals and motivates you to complete them.

Record your dreams

Have you ever had a very interesting dream, but upon waking up you had forgotten it? This can be very annoying for most of us. So, for all those people who dream a lot, you can write about your dreams in a personal journal. Logging your dreams in a personal journal will allow you to remember it and maybe share it with people. Maybe you can start analyzing your dreams if you do not already.

Be creative

Do not worry about what you are writing. Anything that comes to your mind, pen it. Get your creative juices flowing. Write poems, songs, short stories, business ideas or recipes - whatever is your calling. You can note down your aunt’s delicious apple pie recipe, make a grocery list or you can doodle on the blank pages to clear your head. Your personal journal can become a source of comfort for you, where you can talk about stuff without any fear. It can become a refuge on bad days and a friend on good days. A personal journal can become the best companion if you allow it to.

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