10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get from Keeping a Diary

Here are ten surprising benefits you get from keeping a diary that may help in understanding why the popularity of journaling is increasing.

1. Clarity of Goals

Writing down your ideas and ambitions may give you some clarity about them even though this idea may seem corny. Writing them down gives them the seriousness your mind needs to actualize your goals. Using a diary, one could plan life-long goals and work towards achieving them slowly but gradually.

2. Organization

Keeping a diary is like a google search of your life all in one place and can be a good way of reliving some thoughts and memories for cherishing their nostalgic nature and positive energy.

3. Harnessing your writing skills

Writing regularly can help improve your writing skills which may benefit you in your professional career and in other aspects of your life too.

4. Encouraging creativity

Most of us are tied up in our work to get creative with life but journaling can change that. Allowing yourself to express on a piece of paper can encourage creativity as there can be no limits between your journal and your mind.

5. Emotional maturity

Keeping a diary is a way of keeping check of your emotions and positively dealing with them rather than locking them up. Knowing what your emotions mean that you emotionally mature and you can achieve that once you address your emotion on a piece of paper.

6. Memory boost

The brain engages in cognitive recalling when you are writing down events in your journal which then prove easier to recall the second time. Anything you write down has a stronger connection with your brain as your brain perceives written ideas differently.

7. Relieving stress

Writing down about your day before sleeping will allow you to lash out on the paper and dump your anxiety. Talking about things worrying you, in the diary, can also prove to relieve your stress as if you were talking to a friend.

8. Self-reflection

The main purpose of writing your thoughts down is to learn from them and grow into a better human being from them. When writing about an emotional event in the diary your mind relives it making you think about several other possibilities and courses of action that could have bought out a better outcome for you. In this way, you can stop yourselves from repeating your mistakes.

9. Confidence boost

Recalling positive events when writing is going to reaffirm your actions in your mind which can give you the confidence to repeat them if the situation arises again. The second time, however, you will be more confident in doing so as your mind responds with a burst of endorphins.

10. Portability

The biggest benefit of keeping a diary is that it can always be with you allowing you to write down the most random ideas, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Due to the numerous benefits of keeping a diary, it is natural that it is gaining so much attention in the 21st century.

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