How to Keep a Journal

Wouldn’t it be nice to relive some of your childhood memories now and then? Most people who keep a journal do exactly that and much more.

It can help with your memory while also boosting your confidence in different situations. Adding to the many positives associated with journaling, it has also been proven to be beneficial for your mental as well as physical health. Keeping a journal is very convenient and beneficial yet many individuals either don’t subscribe to the idea or drop the habit midway. A common cause for this behaviour may be the fact that many people do not know how to keep a journal. Yes, there is a way to it, and it doesn’t require a lot to follow it. It gives a broad idea of the things you should be doing in the process of keeping a journal. 

Your purpose

The very first thing that needs to be done before starting a journal entry is to establish the reason why you are starting to keep a journal. There could be a couple of reasons behind keeping a journal but a fundamental reason for many people is managing themselves via the journal. It is up to the individual and how they want to use the journal to manage themselves. Some people record their childhood memories to relish their positivity while some write about their relationships to better understand their emotions. Because of the unique nature of each person, journal entries range from recording your emotions and life events to recording your dreams and other memories. 

Once your purpose is clear then only can you make sense of the habit that you have picked. You would be able to admire the positive results of this hobby if you focus on your purpose each time you make an entry. 

How to go about writing

After deciding your purpose, the second step is to go about the logistics of keeping a journal. You must pick a medium that is convenient for you like an app, a computer, or a regular diary. It is suggested that you write by hand as it has cognitive benefits like helping understand concepts better. If you’re writing something emotional it is better to use a pen as it believed to help you understand the emotion better. An important thing to note here is to resist the urge to edit your writing. It would be better to let your mind flow on the paper (or screen) so that the emotion is represented on the paper without any filters. 

Fix a time to write your journal at. This relates directly to your purpose if it is an emotional journal you could write at the end of the day to manage stress and lash out. If it is a dream journal you are most likely to write it in the morning when the dream is fresh in your mind. You can pick any time of the day that enables you to effectively make journal entries. 

Keeping a journal brings order to your life and if you’re having difficulties in picking up the habit be sure to start with a sentence each day and slowly keep increasing the pace each day. Be sure to reflect on your writing in your relaxation time otherwise the purpose of your journal will be wasted. 

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