Emptied out New York City due to Coronavirus Photograph: Emptied out New York City due to Coronavirus

Writing your ideas on a piece of paper has been proven to clarify the ability to think which is why children, from a very young age, are advised to brainstorm before an important assignment. Keeping a journal is similar to this notion, however, it involves writing down feelings, life experiences and thoughts along with the ideas. The coronavirus quarantine provides a perfect opportunity for you to pick up a valuable habit like journaling. It can prove to be more beneficial for extroverted people to start journaling in this period as this change in their lifestyle can prove to be tough and mentally straining.

The benefits

At a very fundamental level, journaling is a means to jot down your dreams and ambitions so that they are clearer to you, but it is more than that. Numerous health benefits accompany this simple task, benefits that are seemingly unknown to the world.


Journals can become your platform to express yourselves without facing any judgment. It is usually harmful to the mental health of an individual if he/she keeps an overwhelming emotion locked up, and if telling someone is not possible than the journal proves to be a great secondary option. With this self-expression, you can prioritize your fears, and concerns so that you can address them systematically. In this way, journaling can prove to be a useful instrument in managing anxiety and reducing stress.

Healing Powers

Another health benefit of journaling is its healing powers. Managing stressful events in your life can put your mind at ease. This translates to better, and regular sleeping patterns which then have an overall positive impact on the human body. An improved immune function has been observed in individuals who participate in writing experiences (as the immune system is connected to sleeping patterns), which proves that journaling can help heal you psychologically as well as physically! A healthy body is less prone to illnesses like the common flu and cold which are contagious. This habit is certainly handy in our coronavirus quarantine as it would help maintain an overall healthy lifestyle even if your outdoor exercises and activities may be limited.

Memory and Confidence Boost

Other aspects of the mind are also affected by journaling such as one’s memory, and confidence. It may be difficult recalling an event from your childhood but when you write about different stories from the same period it may help in bringing back that event. Journaling forces the brain to engage in cognitive recall when writing your events as your strengthening previously covered data. By writing routinely people tend to focus on the positive experiences more. When your brain relives these positive experiences, it may release endorphins and dopamine which would boost your confidence and reaffirm your actions. It may help you to tackle a similar situation more efficiently the next time it arises in your life.

The change in routine and lack of socialization may adversely affect the mental health of people and in times of such panic, it is better to stay grounded by writing about the small details in your life. It is also better to be busy with a hobby rather than fall towards unhealthy lifestyles, like irregular sleeping patterns. Journaling seems to be a very positive and valuable hobby in times where your other healthy hobbies like running, exercising and socializing may be limited.

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