5 Best online journals to use 2022

5 Best journal apps for 2022

Keeping a journal can have many benefits. It helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, control emotions, and is a good ally for those who like to make a daily list of goals. With that in mind, below is a list of the top 5 apps so you can choose the one... [Read More]

Putting feelings in a journal can open space for self-knowledge

Writing can help us to better understand our anguish, sadness, irritation, anxiety and, in addition, promote a necessary inner dive of self-knowledge.

Sometimes everything seems to be choked up. Sometimes the keyboard gains the weight of a rock. To help you in your search for words, I’ve put together some suggestions on how to deal with fear and suffering and get it all out in your Good Night Journal. [Read More]

Halfway through 2021, still keeping up with your journal?

About 6 months ago, I shyly started the habit of writing on Goodnight Journal.

Yes, as an adult I started an “online diary” in which I share and interact with a community of people who, like me, have good and bad days, happy and sad moments, go through unusual situations or live just another regular day in their lives. Life, like mine, is made... [Read More]