Sometimes everything seems to be choked up. Sometimes the keyboard gains the weight of a rock. To help you in your search for words, I’ve put together some suggestions on how to deal with fear and suffering and get it all out in your Good Night Journal.

Why you should try Goodnight Journal. You won't regret it!

Create a Journal

The idea of ​​a journal pleases me very much. It was writing in the Goodnight Journal that helped me through my separation process. At first, I found it very difficult to deal with the blank page. At first, I found it very difficult to deal with the blank page. So, understand, this is normal. Mainly because we think we need to write something touching, powerful. So, the first thing to know is that when we are trying to give voice to our soul, the words, even meaningless, gradually gain a direction of their own. There were days when I simply registered that I didn’t know what to write. In others, I broke the barrier of the first line by reporting what was happening around me: the sounds, the children’s movements around the house, the mess in the room. And there were days when the words started spaced out and then turned into a torrent.

The main thing, at this moment, is to leave our censor aside, the one who thinks it’s always necessary to produce something meaningful, cool, publishable. This writing isn’t about your ego, it’s about what’s beyond it. The most interesting thing about all this is that a few weeks ago, I found the diaries of that period in a drawer in my bedroom. Reread And then what, in those days, seemed like silly texts turned out to be full of answers from what echoed inside me. Too beautiful to realize that.

TIP: Take your time

“I stopped and I can’t follow. I got to a point where it started to bother me a lot and stopped. It’s moving me a lot and that’s why I stopped writing”. I hear phrases like these all the time. It’s common to feel all this. You are dealing with your pain after all. Comfortable, easy, simple, isn’t it. Be generous with yourself. Maybe you need a break. And that’s okay. One, two weeks…. there is no right, proper, specific period. There is only your time. I don’t believe you’re really dropping the subject, running away from writing to escape yourself. Illusion. The pain is there, always with you, no matter how much you want to put a flowered sheet over it. It’s something that stays latent.

Sometimes we need time to get on with the text related to our inner nodes because they need to mature within us. At some point, believe me, you’ll feel like sitting down and writing. And then the words will be ready.