Halfway through 2021, still keeping up with your journal?

About 6 months ago, I shyly started the habit of writing on Goodnight Journal.

Yes, as an adult I started an “online diary” in which I share and interact with a community of people who, like me, have good and bad days, happy and sad moments, go through unusual situations or live just another regular day in their lives. Life, like mine, is made up of ups and downs.

When I started writing for Goodnight Journal, I didn’t imagine that I would be in the middle of 2021 writing and interacting in a community that is now part of my life. I could name several personal reasons that kept me in the community, but I’ll name two that are particularly important to me.

Halfway through 2021, still keeping up with your journal?

Clear thoughts and feelings

When you write about something, you are “forced” to clarify and clarify what is going through your head and what you are feeling now, so that the words flow. It’s one thing to have that complex web of thoughts in your mind. It’s another thing to turn this network into phrases.

Every day I try to translate into words some of what I felt or am feeling that day. It’s not always easy, but the exercise forces me to look for my feeling of the moment and externalize it, which brings me an incredible awareness of something that would often go unnoticed.

This process helps a lot in clearing my thoughts and feelings and noticing things I hadn’t yet figured out.

Know me better

I’ve written a few times in my journal about the importance of trying to get to know yourself, and I don’t know a method as effective on this journey as keeping a journal and writing every day.

And the best part is that by keeping my journal, I started to have more freedom to express myself, I became more confident, and I started to be more honest with myself, without fear of being judged or anything like that.

Today I can extract 1 or 2 life lessons daily. Not just writing, but also reading my fellow journals. This proved how important daily writing and reading practice is.

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