Why you should try Goodnight Journal. You won't regret it!

I started using the app Goodnight Journal in February and it has been a pleasure to join its community. At the beginning I wasn’t familiarized with the app and what to do there but then I discovered such a nice, kind and warm community. Where there are people from around the word and it doesn’t matter your gender, your religion, your political position or your economic status. You’re welcome there, you could have a place and a voice and the most important thing you have people reading you and giving a hand or a kind advice in your daily situation.

We’re there to read, to write and the most important part to express ourselves and have a moment to internalize our problems, our thoughts, our wishes and our daily adventures because yes, everyday it’s an adventure. We’re there to support each other or give an opinion about a topic. I’ve known so many people from around the world with different problems, different points of views and different lifestyles but we all have something in common, we’re fighting for well being in our lives.

You should use Goodnight Journal for several reasons, here I go with a list:

1. You can write about whatever you want, your feelings, your mood, an experience even good or bad, a story about you or others.

I usually write an entry on mornings because I feel it’s a good way to start my day, doing a recap about the day before and facing the challenges of a new day. I love it!

2. You can realize your feelings and your mood during your day because it's like a modern diary but in a very easy to use mobile application or web page.

This one of the things that I like the most, no matter your age you can use the platform because it’s very intuitive and simple. You only need a smartphone, tablet or computer.

3. You can write everything you want, like a goal list, a random feeling, tell an experience, good or bad things from your day, about a relationship, your pet or even give recommendations about movies, series, books.

In GNJ I’ve known great podcasters, wonderful writers, paramedics, journalists, automotive mechanic, skaters and more. It’s such a diverse community, where you can learn about others and be more empathic, this world needs urgently that people be more empathic with their surroundings.

4. With your entries you can help other users to deal with their problems, maybe indirectly or directly.

I’ve learnt so much about others during this time, I feel connected to them and it has helped me to understand other points of view, situations, relationships, jobs and more. I’ve learnt about how it’s life in other countries, how people feel about jobs, careers or big decisions in their lives. I’m more concerned about mental health, you can see a little bit inside of a person that suffers from it and it feels good that you can help only with a nice word, a kind comment or even talk about it. For sure, it doesn’t feel like something artificial, it feels like something real.

5. To finish, Goodnight Journal helped me a lot with my anxiety problem during this Covid-19 pandemic and for that reason I think it's worth giving it a shot.

It has helped me a lot to deal with the anxiety, when I’ve been testing for having some symptoms or when family were very sick with Covid or even when my city was in lockdown. GNJ it’s a necessary tool in these difficult times.

So, I invite you to give it a try as I said at the beginning of this post for sure you won’t regret it, welcome to this amazing community and Goodnight journal. Let’s start a new adventure.

Stephany C.