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Best Online Journal Community to Meet Journal Writers From All Over the World

There is so much we withhold within ourselves; sometimes in pursuit of finding the right time and sometimes in chasing the right person. But when this time gap elongates in meeting the conditions, we trouble our peace of mind. And for this solace, online journal communities can be the best way to find your twinning.

Amongst so many online journal communities serving the internet, the following are some best online journal communities where you can express yourself.

  1. Goodnight Journal
  2. Live Journal
  3. Diary
  4. Journalate
  5. Jrnl
  6. Onlinejournal

Goodnight Journal

Editors pick best personal journal app

Finding a place to express thoughts at will is a blessing and Goodnight journal is one such place. It is a great platform where anyone can create an account to start their journal journey. The best part is that even without creating an account you can have the experience of this journal by checking the community tab.

We love the simple user interface to write journals and supportive community where journal writers from all over the world get together.

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Live Journal

A community journal that has been up for more than 20 years needs no assurances. LiveJournal is an exceptional online platform where people have been sharing their life stories, giving bits of advice, and exchanging ideas since 1999. You can find a mind that has the same essence as yours and light up your aloofness. Keeping your ideas private or public is completely your choice but you can still read what others write.

Check out Live Journal is like living in a hostel where you own a personal room. You can have your personal space when you want to keep your secrets private and you can also have the access to other people’s diaries when you visit the public domain. You also have an option to surf through the most recent and popular entries on the platform to brighten up your day.

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Have you seen any Harry Potter movies? I guess yes. So, the newspaper in that movie is what may seem to you at first glance. It has all the news from around the globe. But that’s not all. It also has space where you can empty your head privately in the myjournalate section.

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There are already a lot of reasons to be stressed about but when you visit an online diary to express yourself and find 101 reasons to benefit on the homepage, you automatically get a feel-good factor. Pointing amongst the medley of reasons, recording your thoughts, stress relief, personal healing, personal development, and enhancing instincts and creativity are the ones to vouch for. The best part is you can also opt to publish a book of your journal through them.

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Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and for those who need a prompt Online Journal is the community. They have tons of ideas to kick start your journal voyage, then, why not create a free account with them? It is akin to your friend who is ready to keep your secrets and ease your load by digging out thoughts, ideas, and perceptions about anything and anyone in life. You can access this journal from any digital source.

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Our pick for the best online journal community

The best part about writing a journal is that it can record any moment of your life without any constraints. Lighten your heart on any of the online journal community and seep positivity in life.

Stating the above-mentioned options, we would like to give a special mention of our favorite Goodnight Journal. Being suitable for both laptop and smartphone users this one is the go-to option for all. Offering the best, we have no if and buts in mentioning that this one is the most beautifully designed one.

So, what’s the wait? Pick up your journaling partner and get started.

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