Maintaining a journal is the best way to keep track of one’s life. It is a medium to reflect on your daily activities and observe the changes in your thought process. Writing a journal every day will help you to stay organized and make better plans for your future. Keeping a log may be tiring for some people. For them, a good journal app may turn out to be their best friend.

Here are the best four journal apps for 2021:

  1. Goodnight Journal
  2. Daylio
  3. Diaro
  4. Journey

Goodnight Journal

Editors pick best personal journal app

Journaling can be fun and easy with Goodnight Journal. The interface is specifically designed to make it user friendly and helpful to those looking for stress-free writing. It is the most loved journaling app by people because it provides both private and public space. You can keep your journals in private, or share them with other journal writers if you feel like your thoughts deserve a shout out. You have the option to be a part of a journal community where you will find support and love from many other journal writers. The free mental health feature provided by the app will help you to look after your wellbeing in a more organized way. All these special features make the Goodnight Journal unique and the most preferred journal app for 2021.

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diaro journal app

Are you a moody person? Does your mood change from time to time? Daylio will help you to track down your everyday mood, and let you know how it affects your daily activities. There is nothing much to do. While you make your daily entry, pick up a mood that best describes your state of mind at that time, and save it. The mood statistics provided by the app will help you to understand your emotions and their impact on you in a better way.

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diaro journal app

If you are an organized person who needs things to be sorted out easily, then this is the perfect journal app for you. While making entries you can separate them into individual folders and tags, making it easier to retrieve each entry. This app has a special feature to sync your entries to your Dropbox account so that you won’t lose your data at any cost. You can customize your entries according to your mood, as there are multiple colors and themes available for free.

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journey journal app

It is also considered as one of the best journal apps for Android that has a very user-friendly interface. It allows you to make daily entries hassle-free. You can tag along with your location if you want to. The interesting feature about this app is that you can log weather while adding your entries. You can protect your entries with a passcode or fingerprint. It also provides guidance for beginners. The premium version of this app gives you access to amazing features like Markdown and another aesthetic customization.

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Our pick for the best personal journal app for 2021

In concluding the amazing options, we would like to state a special mention of our favorite Goodnight Journal. Offering the best, we have no if and buts in mentioning that this one is the most beautifully designed one. Suitable for both laptop and smartphone users this is the one we could state as our all-rounder.

Every person has a unique personality. From these best journal apps select the one that suits your personality, and start writing today. Happy journaling!