Why people keep bible journal, and how it helps them?

We often read the Bible when we feel low, or when we are happy, and we read the Bible when we feel like it, but how often do we actually remember the essential messages that God has shared with us through the Bible?

Note down some important things.

A bible journal, that’s why become very handy. This journal will help you to express your gratitude towards God. It will allow you to document important things that you have learned from the Bible. If you want to remain close to God, you must remember his teachings all the time.

Take sermon notes

You go to attend a sermon; you learn from the preacher. The holy words help you regain your consciousness about the things that you have been doing so far. Whether you are following God’s path or not, whether you are paying attention to what He really wants from you? Use the Bible journal to make notes about your spiritual journey.

Connect with God

When you write down things that God has told you, when you follow his righteous path, when you start remembering things that He has taught you, you start connecting with Him. Of course, Church is the best place to feel close to God, but when you keep Him in your heart all the time, follow his teachings, do what is good for the society, you also tend to connect with Him whenever you are not in the Church.

Express your feelings

We love God. We want to reveal our emotions to him. We read Bible daily to express our feelings towards Him by reading His thoughts. But we need a source to let our feelings towards Him too. This is why Bible journals are here for. You can use it to express your feelings. Let Him know that you are thankful to him, tell him that you are following his path of righteousness.

Here are certain tips that you must follow while writing a Bible journal. Never compare it with anyone else’s diary. Your Bible journal is your way of expression, and other journals are their expressions. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is poor, or you aren’t able to draw any stick figures while journaling your feelings. Don’t be shy; use your creativity and keep your Bible journal close to your heart. It is yours.

Through Bible journaling, you get to be close to God; you get to share your feelings and gratitude towards him, you get to spend more time with him. This is why Bible journal is needed. You can use the space to write down some notes that God is trying to convey. You can even use a marker to highlight some verses that have changed your life.

Bible journaling is your personal time when you try to connect with Him, make use of this time, and be the person that God wants you to be.