Online journal FAQ

Why should I choose an online journal instead of a manual journal?

Online journal is easy to keep everywhere as well as you can erase anything on the spot if something has wrongly written.

What is the main purpose of choosing an online journal?

An online Journal is easy to write and available within your smart device. It also improves your typing as well as reduce grammatical mistakes.

What prompts should I choose to write in my journal?

You can write anything on your journal, but try to write that turn your simple journal into gratitude journal.

Is the online journal safe and secure from any third party?

Your reflective journal is your personal thing that we cannot let anyone reach without your permission or consent. You can use the app lock or other privacy codes to protect your journal from any third party.

How much time I can save from an online journal?

If you compare the writing on online journal with the manual journal, you can easily save half of the normal time. If you spend 2 hours daily on writing your manual journal, you can write the same things within the half time on an online journal. So it’s time savvy.

Is the online journal easy to use?

The online journals are so easier to use because these are very user friendly as well as you can open it anywhere using your smart phone.

What is the best thing about E-journal that makes it special?

The best thing about online journal is that, you can get the backup of the lost data whereas, it is very difficult to find a lost manual diary/Journal.

What is the maximum word count in an online journal?

There is no limit of the word count in an online journal. You can write as much as you need to save your countless memories and thoughts.

What is the first step when I start making online journal?

Install the online journal app and prepare yourself to write something most interesting. The start of your journal must be interesting and energetic. It will help you to get a gratitude online journal.

How much it is helpful in my personal life?

If you are travelling somewhere or walking on the footpath, you see an interesting or an unusual scene, you can turn on your smart phone and write it down in your online journal. Similarly, the online journal helps you to write down the memories before it gets too late.

Is an online journal is available at offline mode for read-only purposes?

Definitely, an online journal is available for re-read purpose if you don’t have internet connections to save new thoughts or memories. You can use it in offline mode.

What is the limit of entries in my online journal?

There is no limit on the online entries in your online Journal. You can add as many entries as you want.

Is there any activation confirmation process through email or not?

Undoubtedly, there is proper confirmation process of the email while you are activating your online Journal.