Many people including might have thought about writing journals before at some point. But never got to do it for various reasons. If that’s true, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

How to Start a Journal

This kind of problem isn’t exclusive to writing a journal. All forms of writing could create the same problem for anyone. The most common problem is procrastination. Perhaps you think too much about writing a journal but never actually put effort into writing it down.

There are some things that you can learn to help you start and finally write your journal. Here are some recommendations on how to start a journal.

Start writing and stop thinking

It might sound weird to you, but plenty of writers don’t think too much about what they wrote. Even more so when it’s intended for private use, like a journal. Have you ever heard of stream of consciousness? It’s a method that writers use to write anything that comes in their mind.

Anything inside your mind, you can write it down. And once it starts, try to keep that flow going without interruptions. Before you know it, you have written down plenty of information that you can call your first entry to your journal.

Try to make yourself more comfortable

Writing could be taxing to your body. Especially when you’re writing something that could trigger a negative feeling. Still, try to write the experience on your journal. So, what you do is, try to make yourself more comfortable.

You can try rearranging your room. How to make it comfortable depends on your preferences. Some people would love to write in a quiet room with no distractions. Maybe you need a better chair and table so you can sit better. Don’t forget about the lighting. Proper lighting can set the mood for writing.

Get the necessary supplies

The best supplies don’t have to be expensive. What matters is that you love to use it. Start from a notebook. If you already have one lying around collecting dust somewhere in the house, you can use it. But if you’re picky about your notebook, you can start hunting for a new one.

Some tips about picking up a notebook: choose a notebook without ghosting, one with hardcover for more durability, ivory paper is an excellent choice for a lot of people, pick the right size for you, and choose one with the color that you like. Other essentials that you might need are electronic devices if you want to write an online journal, a reliable drawing pen, a set of colored pens, a ruler, and a whiteout. Feel free to customize your set of essentials depending on what you need.

Make a habit of writing a journal

This one might not be for everyone. You can set a schedule of when to write a journal every day. If you follow your schedule, then it will become a habit. In the future you’ll start writing a journal without having to push yourself.

We hope that you finally understand that it isn’t difficult to learn how to start a journal. Writing a journal should be a fun activity for you. Happy writing.