This includes arranging lists of invited people, venue spaces, refreshments and decoration arrangements and tracking your progress by making notes in your diary. Usually most of the brides are overwhelmed and excited in organizing their weddings and as the date approaches, they make a proper and efficient wedding plan in their wedding diaries. Keeping a wedding diary is a natural desire of everyone in order to capture their whole wedding journey. It has a lot of benefits. You can add your photos, videos and even print out a checklist.

How to keep a wedding diary?

Why online wedding diary is more useful?

It is more useful because you can access it from almost anywhere and at any time. Moreover, online wedding diary cannot be lost and it is saved in a proper way. You don’t have to take risk of losing it somewhere as compared to a physical wedding diary.

What are the reasons to keep a wedding diary?

As the wedding planning has become the most important part in the celebration of your wedding day, later it becomes a beautiful memory for the rest of your life to be recalled. A few reasons behind keeping a wedding diary include:

  • It tests whether your plan is working on the wedding budget which is the most important thing.
  • Your practice of writing can be your great practice of wedding speech as speeches are often the most challenging things for bride and groom.
  • A wedding diary keeps your thoughts organized and understandable even after years.
  • It helps you winning all the arguments on your wedding day.
  • It gives a memory of your wedding and it makes it alive after a lapse of years.
  • It also acts as your stress savior as writing down your feelings on paper at a special occasion removes your stress, anxieties and frustrations out of you.

As wedding is the dreamiest part of one’s life, therefore wedding diary is crucial to capture memories of that day. It just takes a few moments to write down your whole wedding journey and later, it becomes the beautiful memory of your life's changing day.

When and where do you start Wedding Diary?

Probably you and your partner have some ideas about your wedding in mind. So the best time to share them with each other is about a year before marriage. In this way, you can plan everything in a better way because you have enough time to arrange everything according to your ideas. This includes the wedding budget, choosing the exact date and the guest list in your wedding.

Now the question arises from where to start your wedding diary? The core parts in wedding arrangement are the wedding location, band and photographer. So these things should be kept in your wedding diary. There is also another facility that you can book all the mentioned things in advance for the coming year. Try your best to figure out these things first in your wedding diary as they are the largest part of your wedding. Prepare a best script for your wedding by writing it in your wedding diary. All these things will give you a good idea of what the wedding will look like. You can plan it with your partner from month to month even as it gives you a long time for planning.

Best of luck for your wedding!