A journal, in general, comes with many benefits. You can use it to write down about a passion that you wish to follow, but unable to do the right planning for it. Studies have shown that when you write, you use hand-eye coordination, and it is your left brain that you use while writing. This leaves your right brain free, and it free flows and creates new insights; it accesses emotions, and also intuit connections. If you are still skeptical about keeping a personal journal, here are some reasons why you should start keeping one.

You need a personal journal

Reduce stress

When you write about your feelings, emotions, and how you are feeling overall, you give yourself a chance to reduce stress. Unwanted, painful, and disturbing thoughts don’t allow us to channel our emotions properly. Think about a situation when you were crying or feeling upset, and you called up your dad and expressed the things that are making you feel this way. Didn’t that help you to feel better? Didn’t your dad tell you that he is right there for you? Parents can never be replaced, and they love us conditionally, but sometimes, we don’t feel like disturbing them with our emotions. This is when a personal journal can come into play.

Also, sometimes you will not be feeling like sharing anything with anyone, because they are too personal for you. Your personal journal will keep your secrets with it forever. Talk to it about your life, what turns you off, why do you feel frustrated, share, it will help you to calm down.

Organize yourself

When you start writing down things in a diary, you begin to understand yourself better. You know that you have used your journal not just to talk about your emotions, but you have also used it to pen down your goals in life. If you don’t make a plan for your goals, you will never be able to achieve it. You need to know how far you have been able to accomplish your goals. This is why you need to keep track of the route that you are following. A personal journal can help you focus on your goals. Go through your journal from time to time and see what is stopping you from pursuing your passion?

Know yourself better

You remember being rude to someone or screaming at someone at the office. Certainly, you will need something to let out our emotions. Use the diary and explain what really happened. Try to analyze your behavior, was it really necessary? Could you have handled the situation a bit better? Your journal will allow you to analyse through different situations better. Use your diary as evidence of the things and situations that make you happy and unhappy.

A personal journal can help you become a better version of yourself; it can help you to overcome stress, plan for your goals, and overall manage your life correctly.