Journal Examples

Keeping a habit doesn’t only help you to express yourself better, but it also helps you to become a better and organized person. People keep different types of journals for different things. Some may want it to note down their day-to-day activities, while others may need it to make notes of their pregnancy journey, food eating habits, and more. Let’s check out and get to know about seven common journals that people go for.

Secret diary:

Almost everyone has a secret diary. This is the diary that keeps your secrets safe. You can use it to write down about a secret passion that you wish to follow, a dream that you have never talked to anyone about yet. Secret diaries are the best way to let out your emotions about something that you have wanted to express, but not with a person.

Wedding Diary:

Much like wedding planning, a wedding diary helps you to plan for your wedding day. You can use it to write down important tasks that need to be done. A wedding calls for a lot of tasks, and it is difficult to remember each of the tasks. Indeed, no one likes to miss out on important wedding day things, and that’s why you need a wedding diary. Note down the contact details of the florist, write down your vows, and more. School diary: With the help of a school diary, no one will ever miss their test dates, examination schedules, holiday list, and extra-curricular activities of the school. School diary helps students to become punctual and organized. Parents can take a look at the school diary for important remarks left by the teachers, see if their child has completed their homework, and so on.

Health diary:

If you are serious about your health, and you want to be sure that you are consuming healthy food items, exercising daily, track your weight, and much more. A health diary will let you keep track of your food habits and support you in becoming healthy. Use the journal to make a note of items that are not suitable for you, make a note of your daily food eating habits, and see what is keeping you away from losing weight.

Food diary:

Much like health diary, food diary also helps you to keep an eye on your daily calorie consumption. But the significant difference between food and health diary is that the former is only about the food that you take, and the later is about the overall health.

Pregnancy journal:

Pregnant women can avail a lot of benefits from pregnancy journals. A pregnancy journal is a place where you make notes of your pregnancy symptoms, test results, and more. You can also use it to prepare your to-do list for the baby. Use it to smoothen your pregnancy journey.

Bible Journal:

Bible journal is helpful for those who want to stay close to God. You can use this journal to highlight some essential verses of the Bible, prepare notes never to forget what God wants from you.