The journal entries would be entirely made of what you see or experience while dreaming. You can start by writing down something simple like what you remember from your dreams. Then, you can add your analysis. What’s the meaning of your dreams? And Why are you having these dreams?

A Few Dream Journal Examples to Help You Start

In a way, it’s like a reflective journal where you write down your experiences and then spend time to reflect on it, and what do they mean to you.

Why should you write a dream journal?

Dreams can be interesting to certain people. Bad dreams, good dreams, some people just can’t stop thinking about their dream experiences. Plus, it can be rather frustrating when you’re trying to remember it but just can’t. Here are some benefits you can get by writing a dream journal:

  • Remembering your dreams can help to improve your memory. To do this you must write down your dream as soon as you wake up.
  • It helps you control your dreams, which also known as lucid dreaming.
  • Understanding your dreams helps you to understand yourself better. Dreams are the manifest of your emotions and thoughts that you may have subconsciously suppressed.

Examples of a dream journal

There is no fixed way of writing the journal. Besides, everyone’s dreams are always different. The same thing goes for the way to describe and record the dreams. To help you, here are some examples that you can follow to write your journal.

This one is a journal written by Rob Vincent on his website back in 2018.

“Last night I dreamt they were doing a present-day season of Golden Girls, with Betty White and three new younger old ladies. Instead of a laugh track, Rose's "the ditzy one" lines were followed by the others looking deeply concerned for their 96-year-old friend.”

A simple journal entry. Short and straight to the point, describing what he experienced in his dream. You can also see some details like “Rose’s ‘the ditzy one’ lines”. This is the kind of detail that most people will forget a few minutes after they woke up. By writing down details as soon you wake up will help you remember the details much better.

Here is another example by the late software engineer John Dubois, he wrote a journal spanned from 1991 to 2007. “Ford, Evan and I were building a two-stage liquid-fueled ICBM with a non-nuclear but explosive warhead, to exact some sort of terrible vengeance. Evan was worried that the construction noise would wake Ben up.”

You can see that this particular journal entry is related to his profession. Maybe he had some problems going on at his workplace. You can see his complete journal entries at Remember to always write your dream right after you wake up, so you can write it in detail. Now it’s time to write your dream journal and dive deeper into your subconsciousness.