Top 10 Reasons to Keep a Journal

But what you should know is that you don’t want to repeat the same mistake that you’ve made in your past. Our lives are full of hidden lessons.

Still, the question arises how do you get these lessons? The solution to it is to write a Journal. Journal is a daily record of occurrences, observations, and experiences of one’s life. It’s basically writing down your feelings, thoughts, and ideas to understand them. It helps you in gaining control of your emotions and improves your mental health.

Top 10 Reasons to Keep a Journal:

People keep their journals to manage themselves, their activities, concerns, worries, and decisions. As you grow older and older, the benefits of keeping a journal grow stronger and stronger. Following are the top 10 reasons for keeping a journal:

Self-awareness and reflection:

Self-analysis is one of the most crucial human skills to become a better person. A journal allows you to have your daily self-analysis to reflect who you used to be or how you reacted that day. So you can learn from your past.

Give meaning to your Life:

Keeping a journal makes your life purposeful. A purpose in life is very important for a person. Your journal can track your aspirations, ideas, and dreams and guide you on what is most important for you. By not repeating those mistakes that you did in the past, you can make your life worth living.

Explore your thoughts:

Keeping a journal can help you record your thoughts that you have on a specific day like your wedding, birthday, break up, or on someone’s death. They reflect on your personality.

Enhance your organizational skills:

As Journals are structured, they help you in maintaining the structure of your life. Journals are written line upon line in paragraphs. In the same way, they help to make your life organized, which creates organizational skills within you like time management, ability to stay focused, etc.

Remember your history:

It also helps you in remembering your life events, decisions, and people in your life. It is very beneficial to keep your complete personal history because by remembering who you were yesterday, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the present.

See your progress:

In the context of your life goals, your journal helps you watch and keep track of those things or events that are truly important for your goals and personal objectives. In this way, you can watch the progress that you made gradually.

Interaction with people:

During your life, you will have had many significant interactions with people. You can record those interactions and by remembering them, you understand why those people were so important to me.

Keep track of important decisions:

A journal is a consecutive record of your progress. By it, you can remember the reason behind your all decision makings.

Improve your writing:

Handwriting is improved by writing a lot, which you do while writing a journal on a daily basis.

For emergency situations:

In case of emergency situations in life, journal help you a lot by remembering what you did before when such a situation occurred and how much it was helpful. So it’s also an important tool in emergency situations.