Why does a school student need a school diary?

A school diary that your child regularly carry to the school plays a vital role in your child’s life.

It becomes a ready reference for checking test dates, examination schedules, holidays, activities, and more. It can also become a paper-based communication between the teachers and parents. Reminders of the next parent-teacher meeting, homework that needs to be done, date change of activities, signup sheets of recent assignments, and many... [Read More]

You need a personal journal

Almost everyone has kept a personal journal. If you haven’t probably, you should think about keeping a personal journal.

A journal, in general, comes with many benefits. You can use it to write down about a passion that you wish to follow, but unable to do the right planning for it. Studies have shown that when you write, you use hand-eye coordination, and it is your left brain that... [Read More]